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The Four Things Every Parent Need To Teach Their Kids About CBD Hemp Oil


THC and CBD Are Not One In the Same

I do not care what others have told you, these two are very dissimilar. This is the so-called "elephant in the room" that more people need to address. Yes, these two compounds are found in the hemp plant. However, they have different purposes.

You can get high from THC. You cannot get high from the CBD oil. The over-the-counter stuff might contain some THC but do not a lot. In other words, you are not going to be able to get you or your kids high from it.


The product is not legal in every state. I do not care what you might have heard. The DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) is very clear here. According to the DEA, you can only buy over-the-counter CBD products where marijuana is sold legally. You do need to have a prescription for it.

Those of you who live in a state where this is not legal need to go through the proper channels or face criminal charges.


The CBD hemp oil is not cheap. Do you or your kids need CBD hemp oil on a regular basis? You are going to need to pay $500 or higher every month. Insurance companies do not cover the drug.

Created Equally

You know that it is illegal for most states to sell over-the-counter CBD oil with THC. However, you can buy the product online. You need to be careful though. The FDA has shut down a few places, but they cannot get everyone. You need to be careful with whom you buy cbd oil from. Some products might contain a higher potency than others.